Making integrations easy for product teams

Are you an integration PM with a roadmap full of integration requests from your customers? Cobalt empowers you to craft flawless native integrations at an accelerated 10x speed. Manage intricate integration requests and deploy new use-cases without constantly relying on your engineering team.

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Launch 5x faster with pre-built connectors

Our platform's efficiency ensures that your products hit the market faster, giving you a competitive edge and meeting the dynamic needs of your customers.

Create white-label integration UI/UX

Elevate your product experience with Cobalt's user-friendly & seamless front-end  SDK, customizable to create truly native user interface with your own designs.

Say "yes" to custom integration requests

Cobalt enables product teams to manage ad-hoc integration feature requests from customers, without relying on engineering team to launch real-time workflows

Save engineering resources

Save engineering resources from redundant work with Cobalt's scalable solutions, ensuring efficient integration management without overburdening your team.

Differentiate product with automation

Foster product innovation with our workflow automation templates, allowing your team to explore creative solutions and enhance the overall user experience.

Accelerate your product roadmap

Speed up your product roadmap by utilizing Cobalt's swift integration capabilities, enabling timely feature releases and ensuring your products stay ahead in the market.

Your engineers will love Cobalt

With an intuitive interface and well-documented guidelines, engineers can seamlessly integrate Cobalt into their codebase in less than a day. The platform's simplicity ensures that the initial setup is a swift and straightforward process.

Common Model

One data model for every integration

Plug your APIs into the common model defined by your team without the knowledge of third party APIs


Auth that feels like a magic

Cobalt makes it easy for users to connect their third party apps securely and quickly, giving them the native integration experience.


Build any logic your customers need

Define integration logic with Cobalt's orchestration builder to enable seamless, production-ready use cases for your customers.

User Config

Painless user configuration for every application

Control the data you need to take from your user post authentication such as field mapping, data selection etc


Advanced event logging and auditing

Enterprise grade audit logging available to you in the Cobalt's dashboard. Stream data to your SIEM application such as Datadog.

Integration Management

Save days of Integration maintenance

All of your accounts and integrations available to you right from your dashboard. Building integration is just the start.

Growing catalogue of 200+ Integrations

Cobalt has the fastest growing catalogue of 200+ pre-built integrations, so you can provide in-depth coverage with just one API.

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