The Only Platform to Build and Maintain Integrations

Managed orchestration, automations, events, and webhooks, all backed by enterprise-class security and collaboration.

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The Cobalt Advantage

Building blocks for quickly adding customer facing integration to your app. You’ll be shipping quickly with a market-proven solution for your customers.

Common Model

One data model for every integration

Plug your APIs into the common model defined by your team without the knowledge of third party APIs


Auth that feels like a magic

Cobalt makes it easy for users to connect their third party apps securely and quickly, giving them the native integration experience.


Build any logic your customers need

Define integration logic with Cobalt's orchestration builder to enable seamless, production-ready use cases for your customers.

User Config

Painless user configuration for every application

Control the data you need to take from your user post authentication such as field mapping, data selection etc


Advanced event logging and auditing

Enterprise grade audit logging available to you in the Cobalt's dashboard. Stream data to your SIEM application such as Datadog.

Integration Management

Save days of Integration maintenance

All of your accounts and integrations available to you right from your dashboard. Building integration is just the start.

Case Study


"We wanted to provide our customers with a seamless integration experience within Airmeet. Cobalt has enabled us to build native integrations at lightning speed, allowing us to meet the growing demands of our users."

Raghav Takkar, Director of Product

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Case Study


"The platform has allowed us to provide our users with a comprehensive range of seamless integrations, eliminating the complexities associated with API handling and empowering our customers to streamline their business processes effortlessly."

Ashutosh, Founder & CEO

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Speed time to market

Cobalt provide single integration layer with a rapidly growing catalog of Apps, so you can focus on building your product.

Shorten Integration delivery

The time-to-market for launching integrations improves exponentially the more integrations you activate.

Save development resource

Cut your implementation to a fraction of the development time and save valuable development resources.

Scalable Pricing

Predictable pricing that scales with the amount of API calls. Requires no infrastructure to set up or manage.

Multiple deployment option

Choose from our fully managed Cobalt Cloud or Cobalt Self-Hosted.

Supporting more than 200+ Integrations

Cobalt has the fastest growing catalogue of 200+ pre-built integrations, so you can provide in-depth coverage with just one API.

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How Cobalt makes your life easier

Without Cobalt

  • Boilerplate burden

    Endless hours spent writing boilerplate code, resolvers, or mapping logic for each integration.

  • Custom Schema for each integration

    Build, store and manage a different schema for end-user configurations of every app

  • Post Integration support

    Work with sales and customer support teams while showing a demo or during onboarding setup

  • Performance Bottlenecks

    Complexities with rate limiting, pagination, devops scaling, caching, network latency and design abound.

  • Limited observability

    A lack of sophisticated observability features to match integrations growing in complexity.

With Cobalt

  • Single APIs

    Simply connect your code with Cobalt with a single production-ready  APIs

  • Manage Configurations

    Let Cobalt take care of end-user configurations and manage custom schema for each application

  • Low-code workflow deployment

    Simply let your non-technical teams setup demos and even deploy build-to-fit integrations

  • Scalable performance

    Create integrations fast – Cobalt is scalable and performant across large data sets and multiple applications.

  • Real-time insights

    Get real-time insights into the performance and behavior of your integration.