Complex Integrations for Clappia's No-Code Workflow

"Great support from the team"

Partnering with Cobalt has enabled our product team to launch critical integrations at scale, delivering outsized value to our customers. Moreover, the support we've received from their team over time has been phenomenal.

Ashutosh Thakur
Founder & CEO


Clappia, a leading provider of a No-Code platform for custom mobile and web apps, sought to enhance their offering by providing a wide range of integrations within their workflow platform. However, the complexities of managing complex API handling and the associated engineering bandwidth posed challenges. To overcome these obstacles and streamline the development of intricate integration workflows, Clappia turned to Cobalt, an embedded integration platform.

The Problem:

Clappia's vision was to offer seamless integrations within their No-Code workflow platform to enable their users to connect various applications and automate their business processes. However, building integrations with complex API handling required significant engineering resources and expertise. Clappia needed a solution that would help them tackle these complexities efficiently without compromising their core product innovation.

The Solution:

Recognizing the need for a robust integration platform, Clappia partnered with Cobalt. Cobalt's embedded integration platform provided Clappia with the necessary tools and resources to build and manage complex integrations seamlessly. By leveraging Cobalt's solution, Clappia's engineering team could focus on developing innovative features within their No-Code platform while relying on Cobalt to handle the intricacies of integration workflows.

Implementation and Benefits:

Working closely with Cobalt, Clappia integrated the platform into their development process. Cobalt's modular approach enabled Clappia to build and automate complex integration workflows with ease. By leveraging Cobalt's SDK and managed authentication, Clappia significantly reduced development time and effort, allowing their team to focus on core product enhancements and customer experience.

The results of the partnership were remarkable. Clappia successfully offered a wide range of seamless integrations within their No-Code platform, empowering their users to connect applications and automate their business processes effortlessly. With Cobalt's robust platform, Clappia reduced their engineering bandwidth requirements and accelerated the development of complex integrations. As a result, they were able to provide their users with enhanced functionality, increased efficiency, and improved productivity.

Ashutosh Thakur, CEO of Clappia, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, "The platform has made it possible for us to offer our users a wide array of smooth integrations. It's taken the hassle out of dealing with APIs and has made it easier for our customers to streamline their business operations without any trouble."

Lessons Learned:

Clappia's collaboration with Cobalt highlights the value of leveraging specialized integration platforms to overcome complex integration challenges. By partnering with Cobalt, Clappia achieved their vision of providing a wide range of integrations within their No-Code workflow platform, enabling users to maximize productivity and efficiency.

The case study demonstrates the transformative impact of Cobalt's embedded integration platform, empowering companies like Clappia to focus on their core competencies while seamlessly integrating third-party applications. Through their partnership with Cobalt, Clappia successfully delivered an exceptional user experience, solidifying their position as a leader in the No-Code app-building industry.

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