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It started with a bang

While working at another company, we had to build a lot of integrations. It was so overwhelming that we couldn't keep up. Every time we built an integration, there were two more that we needed to build.

“This is insane”, we thought. We needed to spend less time on integrations and more time making features better. We thought that there must be an app that could give us ready-made integrations at the touch of a button, so we could focus on making our app better.

We couldn’t find an app that would provide a seamless experience between our app and the apps our users used on a regular basis. That’s when we decided to build our own.

As more apps are created every day, the picture of the web keeps getting more complex.

We mused, correctly, “everyone needs integrations.” We decided to take the plunge and start Cobalt. We vowed that no engineer should suffer our fate. We would provide pre-made integrations and app builders could just pick and add them to their apps.

Application builders could now dedicate themselves to creating their own product instead of worrying about integrating multiple apps. we’re here

We are engineers and product designers that want your apps to be awesome by supercharging it with integrations.

Our Guiding Principles

1. Ambitious & Achievable

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2. Good For People

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3. Team Before Self

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4. Be Good

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Our Leadership Team

No published team members yet.

Our Offices

San Francisco

Floor 3 Grand Central Plaza
San Francisco, CA 9482


50A Stratford Road
London W8 6Qa


Carrera De Canillas, 111
28043 Madrid

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