Why did we build Cobalt?

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September 1, 2022

Having worked as Product & technical managers at multiple companies, we saw first-hand how integrations were a growing problem area brought up in every management and sales meeting. In order to close more deals we ended up hiring more engineers just to focus on integrations. Building and managing integrations was a pain and every new onboarded customer kept asking for more integrations.

We spoke to multiple founders of SaaS companies and soon realised that irrespective of company size there was one pressing problem every company shared - integration was extremely expensive and time consuming to build, but absolutely critical in order to grow and serve more customers.

The Problem

Building and managing integrations impact the entire company, not just product and engineering

  • Sales team struggle to close the deal because of lack of integration
  • Product team has to prioritise and plan the integrations due to engineering team constraints
  • Engineering team has the onus of building and maintaining new integration and supporting customers whenever they run into an issue
  • Customer Success team spend days onboarding and supporting customer with integration due to lack of visibility

Alone in US, a company uses 80-90 different SaaS tools. There is an increasing expectations for these companies to integrate with each other. The more we talked and researched the more we realised that this was an ever growing pain for fast growing companies.

The Solution

We spent a lot of time with our founder circle on iterating around the solution which would be 10x better than other products solving similar problems. Most of these platform don't solve the end-to-end integration requirement for growing SaaS companies.

Therefore we focused on the following needs

  • Robust workflow builder - Platform to handle complex logic for integrations with different tools. Product manager can build the use case with an application and launch it on the fly without involving engineering team.
  • Build in Integration management - Managing integration can be extremely time consuming. We provide tools to engineering team to debug and resolve customer issue as quickly as possible.
  • Customer Management - A large part of customer success is related to how the customer is using the integrations. Customer success team can get the details specific to each customers, their live integrations
  • High emphasis on security - We have prioritised security from the beginning in order to offer an enterprise-ready solution to our customers.

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