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October 25, 2023

Introducing Cobalt v2.0

We are thrilled to announce the release of Cobalt 2.0, a significant leap forward to deliver a sleeker design, an enhanced user experience, and groundbreaking developments in AI.

Introducing Cobalt v2.0

Sleek v2.0 public release is here

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What has changed in our latest release?

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All new features available for all public channel users

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Coding collaboration with over 200 users at once

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Real-time code save every 0.1 seconds

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Innovation is a constant in the SaaS industry. We all are constantly moving towards the better and bigger. In this landscape, adaptability is paramount.

We, at Cobalt, have always been constantly evolving and keeping up with the needs of our users.

Workflows taking too long to create? We will have AI do it for you.

Don't have an interface to manage your integrations? Use ours.

We try to listen and implement to the best of our ability. On this, our co-founder, Jugal Anchalia, has spent the past month in a series of events across the US.

From SaaStr to Dreamforce, gaining insights, connecting with like-minded professionals and understanding a range of SaaS products and ventures.

This exposure prompts us to think about areas of new-found potential for our product and how we can accommodate a variety of users.

Drawing inspiration from the nature of our very landscape, we introduce Cobalt v2.0.

This update brings a host of new features and improvements designed to enhance your experience and streamline your integration processes.

New Site, New Feel

At the forefront is the revamp of our site. We have shifted the entire palette to the most popular tech colour choice: dark mode. Refining our visual identity, the site is now more user-friendly and intuitive. The revamped design aims to offer you a more engaging and informative experience, allowing you to navigate with ease and discover the full potential of Cobalt.

Revamped API Documentation for Unparalleled Ease

Clear and comprehensive documentation is crucial for developers; everyone understands that and so do we. The new API documentation is easier to navigate and has enhanced readability. Our detailed guides, code snippets, and examples will enable you to spend more time off the docs, integrating.

AI Centric Releases

Leveraging the power of AI, we have made two significant changes.

  • Build workflows using AI (Beta Release)
    With just a prompt of the required workflow, you can instantly build intricate workflows. Whether you're connecting multiple applications or orchestrating complex processes, our AI-driven engine learns from your actions and suggests the most efficient paths, making integration a breeze.
  • Rapid Connector Building with AI (Still in Alpha)
    We are also working on improving the process of building connectors. By harnessing the power of AI, we're  enabling you to build connectors rapidly and seamlessly, freeing up more of your valuable time for strategic initiatives.

Other Features

Alongside these, Cobalt 2.0 brings even more tools to your integration arsenal.

Webhooks, allowing you to receive real-time updates and trigger actions based on events within your applications providing a powerful mechanism for enhancing automation and responsiveness, giving you greater control over your integrations.(other changes)

Cobalt 2.0 represents a significant milestone in our journey to redefine how integrations are approached. With this reimagined branding, continuous refining of our platform and exploring new frontiers in SaaS, we're excited to have you along for the ride.

Welcome to the next chapter of integration excellence with Cobalt!